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Unfortunately, I didn’t get any feedback from my peers, but my instructor asked the following questions about my unit plan: “How would your very classroom-based learning unit be adapted to online? What affordances might the online modality provide? What challenges would exist if delivering this unit online?” I hope that I answered most of these with my screencast. I think my Google Docs links will help very much with all of that.

I think I am doing pretty well in terms of design. I still plan to complete a few more daily lesson plans, but I know what the content will be. Each day’s history lesson utilizing the following activities will lead us toward the final timeline assessment. Some of the activities I hope to accomplish are tracing Russian exploration, student created skits, analyzing primary sources, Socratic discourse (students articulate, develop and defend essential questions related to territorial days), role play, watching a gold rush slideshow, making an Alaska newspaper on World War II, a Statehood debate, and Gruening speech. This is how I will reach my desired learning objectives.

My rationale is based on constructivist learning theories as the students will be given choices for how to compile the information they need for their activities and their timelines. The pedagogical challenges I forsee are large classes, unmotivated students, and mostly students who are underclassmen. The nature of the subject is stable and includes chronological thinking, historical analysis, comprehension,  and interpretation. 

I think Alaskans tend to feel a greater connection to their state’s history than other states, maybe it doesn’t feel as old… Maybe we are still very aware of the effects of that history, especially since there are still living people who have experienced that history for themselves. I just studied about place-based education in my other class and am thinking about things I can do with my units 4 and 5 that would incorporate some of that methodology – but I still have a lot of reading to do first…

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