ADA: Fire Away!

Questions about the ADA.

  1. When I pass a student with disabilities through an upper level English class with modifications, am I setting them up for failure on down the road?
  2. What can fundamental alterations look like in the field of education?
  3. Are there guidelines for what amounts to a disability outside of education?

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3 thoughts on “ADA: Fire Away!”

  1. Re: #1 – there are many ways to think about that, some of which depend on the connotation of “pass … through” — there are certainly many and diverse subsequent stories to consider of students who have benefited from modifications, some successes and some not. But that is always the case. I haven’t had any luck finding solid stats, even when limiting the question to advanced academic success.

    re #2 – no idea. I’ve sent your question to a couple of people to see if they have an idea

    re #3 – I don’t believe so, at least not in the legislative sense. In a policy sense, sure, and those policies are more or less defined by organizations from the lowest level through things like the DSM …

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