Back to the Future – Fast write

5 Minutes again?  Okay, here we go!

What DOES digital citizenship mean to me now and how has it changed?  Honestly, it is so much BIGGER than I imagined!  There are so many aspects to this topic that I am embarrassed to admit I have never thought about before.  Digital citizenship includes everything between learning to be responsible digital consumers and understanding digital law, to knowing how to evaluate sources and trace them back to their start. However, it is not only that! It is also knowing how to navigate the Web, how to utilize new tools to process and share information, and how to engage with other scholars.  My journey is giving me the confidence to try new things and the patience to not give up.

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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

One thought on “Back to the Future – Fast write”

  1. It’s big alright. The key point is that you see it as a bigger, more nuanced, more complex (and maybe more interesting 🙂 concept than before!

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