Collaborate, a Little

Tracy DiPaola, Rachel Coria, and I made a mind map in order to collaborate and come to a consensus on small group factors of communications.  We used Popplet, which was a first for all three of us.  At first we communicated through messages on Twitter, then we emailed, then we used the comment bubbles inside of Popplet (that was pretty cool).  We even tried Google Hangouts and I liked that too!  We found out that collaborators cannot edit each others bubbles, or popplets, but we can comment on them.  Overall, it is a site I would use in the classroom.  You can see a screenshot of it below, but it you visit the link you can see the interactions.


Small Group Factors of Communication


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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

One thought on “Collaborate, a Little”

  1. Good job! Thanks for the meta-information on how you collaborated. It is often the case that the tools that work best for sharing results are missing some collaborative feature or another necessitating finding multiple spaces to work in. I often use Google Docs even if there is built-in discussion within a tool because the revision history Google Docs provides can be helpful.

    Great to see that you tried Google Hangouts as well. Obviously I am using Zoom for the class, but Google Hangouts has been a trusted tool for a while.

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