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I am passionate about Tudor England.  It is a time period to which I would immediately time-travel if possible.  This is my favorite period to teach and I have a bazillion sites that I navigate to during the course of my lessons.  The following PowerPoint includes several things: my own paraphrased notes from the textbook, material provided by Pearson to accompany their books, material I brought from MD that was a part of their curriculum, and links to YouTube videos (shown in purple).  (FYI – I give them an outline for their notes and they fill in the notes highlighted in blue)

Now, I’m assuming that use of the Pearson product is not a copyright violation, nor do I have to make apologies for changing anything, since the material was purchased by the school district.  The videos shared definitely fall under Fair Use.  The Harford County School District, MD, curriculum?  This probably also would be a copyright violation and falls under Fair Use since I no longer work there.

I would also use the following video:

I would also probably show clips from “Elizabeth I” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” with Cate Blanchett.

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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

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  1. Nothing here appears to be outside the bounds of fair use, including whatever you brought from earlier work. Unless your current district specified a particular licensing scheme—or if the purchase included the text(s) for all students—then their purchase probably has little effect on evaluating fair use. You should be good to go here.

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