Final Thoughts About My Thinking

My thoughts about what digital citizenship is haven’t changed much since I wrote this:

Where am I Now?

What has become more important/less important? I definitely feel that in the future my instruction of digital citizenship will be more informed.  I see how educators (in my building at least) are falling down in really teaching the important aspects of citizenship: not just safety online, but also literacy, responsibility, commerce…

How does digital citizenship relate to “regular old citizenship”? Regular citizenship includes responsibilities such as being responsibly politically active and that definitely relates to digital citizenship, especially when it comes to social activism.

Search and Research: Internet Activism and Misinformation

How does my current understanding of digital citizenship influence how I work and play? Have any of my work routines or habits changed as a result of things I have learned? How will I be a digital citizen? Well, before I had this “current” understanding of digital citizenship I was already responsible on the internet.  I didn’t and won’t share information without checking it out first. But, I did learn some skills for doing that more effectively.  I have learned to do a better job looking for material to share with proper attribution and I will be contributing my own work to the Commons from time to time.

All in all, I think I have learned some important things about being a member of our digital community and how to share that knowledge with my students.


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