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Like some of my classmates, I was also interested in checking out Adobe Spark.  I used it to make a profile page for my business. It was so easy to use.  I look forward to using this tool in my classroom for making videos and presentations.

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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

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  1. First of all I am so interested in your business. You have cabin rentals? This looks awesome. Where are your cabins located? Looks like a pretty sweet gig. Your work is really beautiful, simple, and easy to read. You should check out Erika’s blog, she used Adobe spark to create a video. I have never used Adobe spark, but you both give great reviews of using the application. I may try using it in my classroom.

    1. Thank you. We have an Airbnb in Kodiak, 3 cabins on 4 acres on Whale Island. Check us out on FaceBook @Whale Island Cabins It runs itself remotely during the school year, and during the summer I spend a lot of time there. That is why most of this class has been me playing catch-up.

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