Making Sense of Copyright

I am embarrassed to share this, but I spent too many hours working on it to stop now.  The idea was to create a timeline that was interactive, so I spent hours learning how to create hyperlinks within the slideshow.  I finally got that figured out, but then I decided to make a YouTube video of the slideshow.  I did more research and even downloaded a program to help me do that, but apparently all the instructions I found do not work on my Mac.  Finally, I found instructions for using QuickPlayer.  I thought I had music in the background, but it didn’t record.  I did get in contact with the artist who recorded the music I want to use, so if I tweak this project for Creative Commons I have permission to use it.

Having done the other assignments and read all the material, I now have a strong opinion about copyright and intellectual property.  The reading by Kurt Fogel was definitely biased against copyright, so I had to find some sources that were not.  This slideshow would be good for high school students, with a few modifications.


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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

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