Web Literacy – Richer Reflection #2

Mike Caulfied, “Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers”

Concept Map

In both the linked online book above and his video series attached below, Mike Caulfied teaches students how to become fact-checkers.  This is the very definition of web literacy.  This information helps people learn to read the web… This is different than learning how to navigate the digital world in general.  Web literacy is about learning how to trust/distrust what one finds as you exist in the digital world. It is very important that I learn how to incorporate these lessons into my teaching; specifically, I need to bring this into my 10th grade research paper writing workshops. It is great that the material attached above includes activities that I could do with my students.  All of this relates to digital citizenship because it is about teaching students how to be responsible consumers of digital content.



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