Search and Research – Choice Assignment #6

Fair Use in a Nutshell

What is Fair Use? McKee, Vorhees, & Sease, PLC  “Copyright Infringement and Fair Use in a Digital World”

Common Sense Media – Teaching Students About Fair Use Animation

The YouTube PBS Idea Channel discusses the Happy Birthday song…

Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center

10 Resources for Teaching and Learning About Copyright & Fair Use 

I wish that I had published this post before my instructor posted the assignments for the next collection.  He posed a “Fair Use” question on Twitter that I really had no clue how to answer, so I decided then to do this topic for a Search and Research assignment.  The above sources have been very informative and I am excited to go back to school in the fall better prepared to teach my students about Fair Use. The law firm, McKee, Vorhees, and Sease, PLC reports that Fair Use “is intended to promote freedom of expression and balance the scope of copyright protection…” From the Mayer/Brown firm’s YouTube video, I also learned about Copyleft, Open Source Licensing, and Creative Commons and Common Sense education has several videos and lesson plan ideas directed towards teaching students about Fair Use.  This research nutshell helped me to enter the next collection of homework with a better idea of what I am doing.

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  1. Well, the idea is that if you choose this for a Search and Research it will both make a later assignments easier and provide possibility for going deeper. So it’s not wasted!

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