Spliced Romanticism – Make and Share #2

Hi!  As I did research on the digital humanities, I was especially intrigued by the idea of using technology to create art – be it textual or visual.  University of Colorado professor, Jeffrey Robinson splices poems by Keat, Wordsworth, and Coleridge (among others) to create his own brand of “found” poetry.

In the attached video, I do a side-by-side comparison of William Wordsworth’s “The Triad” with Robinson’s “Poem on the Letter A.”  In the audio-byte, one can hear Robinson reciting his own poem.

YouTube video – Jeffrey Robinson – Poem on the Letter “A”

Jeffery Robinson Audiobyte – see the blue highlight in the photo above

Jeffrey Robinson’s Website


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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

4 thoughts on “Spliced Romanticism – Make and Share #2”

  1. How awesome that you not only found the source and Robinson’s words but even Robinson reading the poem!

    Related, of course, are “erasures” or “blackout” poems which are made by literally erasing or blacking out source texts. Austin Kleon is known for them and had a popular book of them a few years ago:

    And I published a few in an online magazine I ran for years, some of which are beautiful in construction as well as the resulting poems:

    Tech notes:

    1. if you just put the link to the YouTube video on a line of its own in your post, it will automagically appear as a playable video. WordPress is cool that way.

    2. this worked out pretty well, but you might want to look into “screencasting” tools, with which you could record your computer screen directly while narrating, which would make a video where it was much easier to see the text(s) in detail. With a tool like Screenflow, or similar, you could even integrate the audio or video from other sources.

    1. Thanks. A bit of what you suggested read a little like Charlie Brown’s teacher speaks, but I am understanding more and more as time goes by… lol

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