What Do I Want? Really really want?

What do I want from my M Ed – Online Innovation and Design?

Part I: I want to learn the skills I need to build an interactive, personalized learning platform for my students like Smart Sparrow.  This LMS is so cool!  It is like a flow chart of activities of varying difficulty.  As students complete one level their scores are immediately recorded and they are passed along to a scaffolded page of additional practice.  Grading eats up so much of my time, so using that time to create sounds like a much better plan.

Part II:  I would love to learn more about sketchnotes.  Digital note-taking sounds like a great way to get my history students more engaged, but how do I assess it?  How do they save and organize their notes? How do I make sure they have picked up on the details that I am going to include on a test later?

Part III:  I want to know more about the ISTE. I wandered across their website and have seen some very interesting articles.  I don’t imagine that I will have any “extra” internet browsing time to look at their website in the upcoming weeks, but I have bookmarked it for sure!  Are you a member?  Should I become one?

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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

2 thoughts on “What Do I Want? Really really want?”

  1. Thanks for sharing about Smart Sparrow, this looks super helpful in my classroom. If you figure out how to make a scaffolded website please, please, please let me know. This is my dream for my students as well. ISTE looks really awesome. I know my 5th graders are interested in coding, I wonder if it is age appropriate. I am not a member, but will be looking into it as soon as I get caught up with this class. Thank you again for sharing, these are really cool ideas.

    1. Spart Sparrow is cost-prohibitive for high school. I have too many students for that LMS, so I want to learn how to make something like this.

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