Where am I Now?

11:04 am Sunday, June 10.  Where am I now?  I am sitting in my brother-in-law’s living room in Kodiak after having spent the last 10 days alone on a Whale Island.  Not what you are asking for, Chris?  Oh.  You say you want to know where I am with digital citizenship as I begin this course?  No referring to any research that I have done since I started?  That is a hard place to go back to, because I have already read the material for this next collection.   However, I will make an attempt; and yes, publishing informally does go outside of my comfort zone.

Digital literacy… I would say that this term refers to all of the verbiage around being a literate digital partaker.  If I am going to be interacting, publishing, researching online, I need to know and recognize certain words.

Digital citizenship… A good digital citizen is someone who can interact responsibly and intelligently online. These are people who know how to use the internet to fulfill whatever purpose it is that they need fulfilled, but do it in ways that are safe for them and the people they interact with.

I am already over 5 minutes, but I also need to think about the other question you posed, “What concepts does digital citizenship include?” I mentioned one already, responsibility. I am also learning that there is a certain measure of continued growth and creativity required in being a digital citizen, perhaps even an open-mindedness…

11:18 am Kodiak.  Where am I now?  I am sitting in the armchair where I will be glued down all day.  I am trusting that I will be able to fuse some of that anticipated growth and creativity into my work today.

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This is the launch of my masters journey!!

One thought on “Where am I Now?”

  1. Thanks for taking this assignment in the intended spirit even though you were ahead in the reading and uncomfortable with publishing informally!

    I mainly wanted to note that I think you really struck into the heart if a rich vein when you wrote that perhaps digital citizenship needed “continued growth and creativity … perhaps even an open-mindedness.”

    (Obviously) I think this is true. My favorite way of framing this right now is with the idea of flourishing…I think digital citizenship, at least in the sense of where it goes beyond and around literacy and skills, has to involve that which facilitates human flourishing within their communities and cultures.

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