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Rachael Coria, Tracy DiPaola, and I collaborated to complete an earlier assignment.  I wanted to find a site we could use that would allow us to communicate.  With Popplet, we were able to put comments on the original statements (shown in black) in order to reach a consensus about how to change them.

We began our communication on the public forum of Twitter, moved to their message board to exchange emails, and then tried Google Hangouts.  One of our members fell out of communication for a couple of days and that was problematic for a quick consensus.  We were trying to finish the assignment inside of a certain window of opportunity.  Each of us commented on the bubbles, created new bubbles to designate who would do what, and completed the assignment.

I think the time crunch put us at a disadvantage and rushed the communication.  We were furthered challenged by failing to come to a consensus on one avenue of communication.  I think if we did it again, we would need to allow more latitude for timely responses and yet, be mindful of time constraints.  We probably should have continued to use something like Twitter’s IM, because the Popplet app did not send notifications when a post was entered or changed.


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  1. As I told Rachael and Tracy, you all did well on this assignment. As you noted, group work—particularly in the modern environment that blends synchronous and asynchronous—places particular demands on time that it is often best to be very explicit about, using schedules and timelines and the like, ahead of time.

    I do a lot of this kind of collaborative work and something like Popplet, while useful, probably needs to be paired with something that allows collaborative editing and real-time chat + comments. Google Docs is good for that.

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  3. I agree it would have made things a bit easier if we were to get notification on Popplet anytime someone were to post/edit. For the future, in using similar programs, it may be a good idea to shoot all group members a message (within a pre-established avenue of communication) each time edits/comments were made.

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